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Use sativa strains or low thc strains to control how medicated you are. Obviously Anyway, when I do a tolerance break or slow my roll I use a CBD/THC hybrid. 4 Mar 2019 The cbd infusion of this bar was winner of the 2018 Oregon dope cup. e w it We have been contacted by many of you regarding Sativa Sean and his upcoming event. We are in no This badder definitely slowed my roll. 20 Sep 2019 Sativa make you smile, aka it's the upper of weed strains. ACCIDENTALLY find you smoked sativa & you are tripping out- HAVE SOME CBD!! Mango Haze is a sativa dominant strain bred by Mr. Nice Seeds, who crossed Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze to create this uplifting, fruity variety. 2 Nov 2017 My roll-ups usually hit for at least .75 grams a pop. CBD edibles: What are they and what's to know? Sign up Back off of the Sativa Brother.

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Crossing Blue Dream with Hawaiian produced this high CBD strain. This uplifting sativa strain is great for relieving pain, inflammation and anxiety without knocking you out. CBD Mango Haze. Born from Mango Haze with some added CBD for good measure, released by the CBD Crew in 2013. Rollins Cannabis Strain Information / CannaSOS Rollins cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant strain that was created by Swamp Boys Seeds.Flowering time of the strain is 63 days, and this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Lemon Tree S1, one of its parents, adds a strong lemon smell with hints of garlic to the smell and the taste of the strain. Rollins cannabis strain has 24-28% THC rate which makes it rather strong.

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Sep 15, 2018 · This Cannabis Sativa Essential oil comes from an extraction of the steam distilled flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant has been cultivated throughout the world for its medicinal, healing and spiritual properties. This oil does not contain any THC, CBD, or …